Marvin Faul Senior Technical Advisor

Marvin Faul

Senior Technical Advisor

Marvin joined the team at Red E as a Senior Technical Advisor and assists and advises on difficult product challenges and manages implementation of prototyping and proof of concepts.

As products are engineered, Marvin takes the design to the real world of steel and parts to problem solve any future complications before production.

Coming to work in nice clothes doesn’t stop Marvin from getting his hands dirty with difficult problem solving in the prototype shop. No job is too difficult for him. In fact, tell him it isn’t possible, and he will grin and figure out a way to make it work. That is just how it was growing up on the farm in Harvey, ND.

With a high quality mindset, Marvin approaches tasks working hard to minimizing costs while still providing the best value to the customer. If there is a way to save valuable time and money, he will figure out the way to make it work for you.

Marvin's Background

Growing up on the farm helped Marvin value hard work and learning how to make things work. Problem solving became a way of life for him.

After graduating from NDSU with an Agricultural Engineering degree, Marvin used his experience and education to help others in a retail management environment.

His position at Red E compliments his past 45+ years of experience with business, financial, products, employees, customers, sales, equipment, and facilities. He understands the complexities of the business environment and translates that to the world of engineering.


  • NDSU - Agricultural Engineering


Working on his hobby farm, spending time with family, investing in his local church

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